How to Write a Qualified Written Request

The Qualified Written Request is your weapon! Use it!

Never, ever, never call your mortgage servicer! On rare occasions will you get something accomplished. And if they give you wrong information or forget to correct something, you have no recourse.

Under the scope of Qualified Written Requests “QWR” are also Error Resolution Procedures  or “NOE” and Requests for Information or “RFI”. The links proved are invaluable because you can copy and paste the statues into your QWR or lawsuit. Watch them change as you scroll… Nifty!

1. Always make sure that you send your QWR to the correct address. It should be on your monthly statement, which should be in your possession, attentive borrower that you are.  And always ask for a payment history if you intend to audit your loan misapplied payments. If you’ve never gotten one before, it will take you a while to reconcile your payments. After that, you should ask for one yearly.

2. After writing your QWR, sign it and scan it along with all the attachments. Have a witness or video yourself counting and naming the attachments. Sounds crazy but trust me when I say that you can not trust these people! 

3. Be consistent with your formatting. I have a sample QWR you can use here: SAMPLE QWR

4. I differ from John (see video) below in the way that each NOE and RFI should be separate. If you include them all in one QWR, number them, which I learned to do later, then they’re easy to work with. If you must file a lawsuit, then you’re numbered up in a format the courts already approve of!

5. Certified mail is still the gold standard… isn’t it? Why? I use USPS click and ship (you must create an account) because I’m lazy and I don’t have to leave the house to do it. You get proof of delivery and that’s good enough for me. You can also request they sign for it for a little more $.

Until this site is fully developed, with my own video instruction, I’m sharing attorney John Watts video. It’s a little long but very thorough! Enjoy!

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